Gravity Evasion is a band formed in 2006 by husband and wife duo Jacob and Marti. Their music ranges from dance music, to rock music, but seems to always have a lot of energy!

Jacob has always loved loved to dance, and has appreciated music from a very young age. His first favorite music when he was a young child were his vinyl records “Tubby the Tuba” and “Pac Man Fever”. He grew up with a very musical father, who played guitar and sang frequently. Jacob didn’t start really making music until he wanted music for his magic shows. He got more serious after he took classes in college for audio engineering and did an internship in a recording studio.

He has had his music featured on and ranked highly there. His music has been used by other magicians.

“Music can be an exhilarating journey to places unseen! Creating music often feels that way to me. I feel like we write music to unleash the energy within us. We hope you enjoy and are inspired by our music!”


Marti has been singing since since a almost before she could talk and was recording with her grandmother at the age of 3. Her voice has been called “angelic”, and she has an amazingly high range.

“Promise me you’ll never stop singing!”

Marti’s college voice instructor

Together, their music is like a match made in heaven; a perfect combination of roughness and beauty, danceable rhythm with catchy melody and harmonies.

“Singing makes me happy. I hope you sing along too!”


They’ve got an album in the works. Please check back soon for new music from Gravity Evasion!